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T-Elections: Local BJP Leaders Want Congress Win

T-Elections: Local BJP Leaders Want Congress Win

Local BJP leaders in Telangana are expressing a wish for Congress to emerge victorious, which may seem peculiar at first. However, their rationale is based on strategic considerations.

They believe that if Congress comes to power, the regional party BRS will lose influence over time, leading to a direct political contest between the two national parties, BJP and Congress.

In such a scenario, these local BJP leaders anticipate better opportunities to gain power. Currently, occupying the third position in the state is not yielding significant political benefits for these leaders.

On the other hand, the BJP at the central level is hoping for the victory of BRS, aligning with the longstanding slogan of Narendra Modi, "Congress Mukth Bharat."

The central BJP views BRS as an ally, a perspective that does not align well with the aspirations of the local BJP leaders.

Additionally, there exists a distant aspiration within the central BJP to form a government in Telangana in the event of a hung assembly, akin to the situation in the former Karnataka.

If BRS secures fewer seats in the wave of Congress, and BJP secures more than 10 seats, there is a possibility of a coalition government between BRS and BJP.

In such a scenario, the BJP candidate could potentially be appointed as the Chief Minister. This approach draws parallels with the example of Kumaraswamy of Janata Dal becoming the CM of Karnataka with fewer seats, forming a government by collaborating with another party. The BJP is not dismissing the possibility of a similar phenomenon in Telangana.

As the election is just two days away, it remains to be seen what unfolds.


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