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T-Election: Money Distribution Woes Of MLA Candidates

T-Election: Money Distribution Woes Of MLA Candidates

The distribution of money during elections, known as 'vote for note,' is a punishable offense in India. However, in reality, there are candidates who spend money as long as there are voters willing to accept it.

In this scenario, the position of MLA candidates is pitiful in many urban constituencies. As an unavoidable necessary evil, while candidates spend substantial amounts of money at the behest of the leaders above them, the distribution of money does not occur as anticipated. 

The individuals tasked with distributing money in certain areas are swallowing the amounts, and the end voter is hardly receiving the expected money. Candidates from various parties are present in this scenario, but no one knows whose fate will be affected by the voters' anger, especially those who anticipated money but couldn't receive it.

In some areas, voters receive money, but it is almost one-fourth of what they anticipated or discreetly promised, indicating that the remaining three-fourths of the amount is pocketed by middlemen. This phenomenon is more prevalent in urban regions where control and surveillance are challenging compared to rural areas.

Meanwhile, some middlemen attempting to distribute money are caught by members of the opposing party, who record videos and upload them on social media. A woman was caught in a similar way by Congress members, seen with cash and a Bible. When asked if she is a Christian, she claimed to be Hindu. It was then revealed that she was approaching Christian voters, distributing money, and taking their oath on the Bible to vote only for the party she was advocating for.

It is estimated that a sum of Rs 15000 Cr is being spent by the candidates of a party in this election just for distribution and giving some gifts.


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