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KCR demolition plans hits legal road block!

KCR demolition plans hits legal road block!

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s plans of demolishing heritage buildings and constructing fancy buildings for Secretariat and the state assembly are facing stiff resistance from people and opposition parties.

On Monday, senior Congress leader T Jeevan Reddy filed a petition in the High Court against the demolition of the Secretariat. He asked the court to issue orders stopping the plan to demolish the buildings.

In 2016, Jeevan Reddy filed a plea in the court not to demolish the secretariat when the government proposed to build a new building in Erragadda.

Reddy alleged that demolition of the secretariat for Vastu alone will not make any sense. However, the then government Advocate General Ramakrishna Reddy gave a report that the present Secretariat will not be demolished.

Recalling the assurance made by the advocate general, the petitioner's counsel Satyam Reddy said that the government had changed its mind. The case is adjourned to June 28.

Similarly on the demolition of 150-year old Erram Manzil Palace building for the construction of an assembly complex, the legal heirs of the palace owner Nawab Fakhr-ul-Mulk also moved a petition demanding that the palace cannot be demolished but be preserved like a heritage building. They are also planning to move the court shortly.



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