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Egos Of Father And Son Trouble The State

Egos Of Father And Son Trouble The State

KCR has supposedly declared war against the Centre, especially over the issue of paddy procurement.

Accusing the Centre of being an enemy of the farmers, he said the Centre was corporatizing agriculture and had abdicated its responsibility of purchasing all the paddy produced in Telangana. 

Also coming down heavily on the Centre, the Telangana IT and industries Minister KTR said the Union Government was meting out step-motherly treatment to Telangana and had not sanctioned any economic or educational project of national importance to the State since its formation. 

“I have written to the Centre many times on various issues but there has not been any response at all,” said KTR.

Given these outbursts by the father-son duo, it is really baffling as to why they skipped the Southern Zonal Council Meeting in Tirupati, last Sunday. The meeting was chaired by none other than the No 2 man in the country, Union Home Minister Amit Shah. 

It would have been an excellent opportunity for KCR or KTR to voice their grievances directly to Amit Shah. How far is Tirupati from Hyderabad? Were the father-son duo so busy that they could not attend the meeting and had to send Mahmood Ali who was merely a token presence there? 

For instance, YS Jagan utilised the opportunity to speak about the problems being faced by Andhra Pradesh and the promises yet to be fulfilled to Andhra after bifurcation.

What was the problem for KCR and KTR? They might have had ego issues in facing Jagan or Amit Shah, but had they remembered that they were working for the people of Telangana, they would surely have put aside their egos and made the occasion count.

The Union Home Minister himself came down to South to ask about the welfare of the States and KCR and his son go on a rant against the Centre daily but don’t have the time to have a one-one-one with him? Indeed, what’s the point in complaining anymore?

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