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BJP shaming itself by approaching 'outdated' leaders in TS!

BJP shaming itself by approaching 'outdated' leaders in TS!

The BJP in Telangana got a major boost and good image after it achieved surprising results in recent Lok Sabha polls.

BJP, which contested alone in Telangana for the first time, won four Lok Sabha seats proving all pre and post poll surveys wrong and beating all the expectations.

More than winning four seats, the major achievement for BJP was trouncing TRS chief and TS CM KCR's daughter Kavitha in Nizamabad and KCR's close aide B Vinod Kumar in Karimnagar.

More importantly, the BJP has shed its image of a party with presence in only GHMC limits. BJP made inroads into Northern Telangana districts, known to be citadels of TRS, namely Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Adilabad.

The winners from all these four seats are first-timers and purely belong to BJP.

Instead of cashing in on these factors to expand its base and become an alternative to TRS by 2023 Assembly polls by developing its own leaders, the BJP is relying on 'outdated' and 'third-rate leaders' from other parties to become stronger in TS.

The BJP is holding talks with former Congress MPs Sarvey Satyanarayana and Balram Naik, who are outdated, famous for abusive language and rated as  a third-rate politicians who have no credibility or respect among people.

The BJP is also looking at few more 'outdated' leaders in TTDP like Peddi Reddy, Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy, L Ramana etc, who are not capable to win direct elections.

If BJP thinks that just by admitting so-called senior leaders of other parties, it can beat TRS in Telangana, it will end up as a laughing stock.

These outdated leaders will only harm BJP and benefit TRS with their third-grade politics.

People voted for Bandi Sanjay, D.Arvind, Soyam Babu Rao and G Kishan Reddy as MPs because they are real BJP leaders and not defected leaders.

By inviting outdated and third-rate leaders from other parties, the BJP is only shaming itself after achieving decent results in recent LS polls.



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