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Great boon for Vizag

An important outcome of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States concerns the city of Vizag. 

The United States’ government has signed a deal with the Indian authorities according to which they would be developing three smart cities in India and Vizag happens to be one of the three. 

This is indeed fantastic news for the region and people of Seemandhra. 

While in the past, people did not take notice when political parties were saying that they would make Vizag an international city, for obvious reasons, their expectations will now undoubtedly skyrocket because the United States is a partner now. 

They will undoubtedly call all the shots and people will trust them more than they do our politicians. 

The fact that Vizag has been chosen is also probably because Chandrababu must have recommended it to Modi. 

Whatever be the reason, it sure seems like the destiny of the ‘City of Destiny’ is all set to change.



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