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Opinion: Why Do Indians Love Corruption?

Opinion: Why Do Indians Love Corruption?

Observe your surroundings. Everyone is involved in corruption in some form. When I was a child, my parents would offer me a bike if I scored 90% in my studies. This was the start of corrupting our children's minds. Now, I tell my kids to simply keep working hard, and if their achievements are exceptional, I treat them and buy useful items for them. I don't use bribes to incentivize good grades.

In college, we shared one bike among three of us. When stopped by the police, our first reaction was to bribe with 100 rupees to avoid a fine. This was a common practice among many people. Although not all police officers are corrupt, a majority of them are. The situation often leads people to become corrupt, whether it's a small or big corruption.

Let's discuss marriages. Giving gifts and offering dowry are two distinct acts. When we love our children, we give them gifts. However, when we offer dowry, we engage in corruption. Social pressure often compels us to do so, even though we know it's wrong. We are not immune to societal norms.

Politicians are no exception to this. Now people are showing interest in joining politics just to safeguard their illegal businesses or whatever.. I can say 95% of the current politicians are corrupt and they are here only to earn money or save their identity... If I keep writing there will be a lot many including government employees..

In conclusion, as Indians, corruption is ingrained in our nature. Thus, it may not be possible to completely eliminate corruption in our lifetime. Instead, we must choose between less corrupt or more corrupt options. Let's raise our children with new values, away from habitual norms, and hopefully bring about change in the future.



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