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Opinion: Jr NTR Should Hold His Tongue With Brain

Opinion: Jr NTR Should Hold His Tongue With Brain

Anybody can talk about anything. The Freedom Of Speech is open to all. But for the reason of being a celebrity who needs to get patronage from all sections of the population, one has to be careful while expressing oneself. 

NTR, a few days ago stated that Ram Charan was surprised at his acting skills. This was trolled in social media comparing NTR to Mohan Babu who once said that he is the next big actor after Sr NTR. 

Keeping that aside, Jr NTR said that he dislikes the song "Bheemavaram Bulloda palu kavala.." composed by Keeravani. 

Though he said this in a tete tete with Keeravani as a part of RRR promotions, the netizens understand differently.

In fact Ram Charan also was asked to name a song that he dislikes from Keeravani's discography. But he said it very diplomatically without letting the name of the song out. 

Finally Jr NTR is in the spotlight now. He said it so casually but the netizens pluck the hairs of everything.

Some social media posts say that Jr NTR is implying that he hates Pawan Kalyan who contested from 'Bheemavaram' in the last elections. 

Kiran Sharma


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