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Hyderabad Beat Mumbai And Delhi In This Survey

Hyderabad Beat Mumbai And Delhi In This Survey

New Delhi: Hyderabad ranks highest among Indian cities on a quality of life survey by consulting firm Mercer, but is only at number 138 on a global list of 230 cities. Pune follows at 145.

Big metros Delhi and Mumbai rank 154 and 152 respectively. Mercer notes that "considerable population increases in Mumbai and New Delhi in recent decades have increased existing problems, including access to clean water, air pollution, and traffic congestion."

China's Beijing is ranked higher than any Indian city at 118. And Sri Lanka's Colombo is at 132.

Vienna, Austria's grand capital on the Danube river, offers the highest quality of life of all cities in the world, the survey says, while Iraqi capital Baghdad is at the bottom of the list.

The annual survey helps companies and organisations determine compensation and hardship allowances for international staff. It uses dozens of criteria such as political stability, health care, education, crime, recreation and transport.

Switzerland's Zurich, New Zealand's Auckland, Germany's Munich and Canada's Vancouver follow Vienna in the top five most pleasant cities in the world to live in.

Vienna is number 1 for the seventh time in a row. Baghdad, victim to waves of sectarian violence since the American-led invasion of 2003, is not new to the last spot either.

Among Asian cities, Singapore tops the list at number 26, followed by four Japanese cities led by capital Tokyo. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is number 84.



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