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'Time to move back to US': B'luru CEO after struggling months to register his firm

'Time to move back to US': B'luru CEO after struggling months to register his firm

A Bengaluru-based tech startup founder and CEO has said that he may have to move back to the US after struggling for two months to register a company in the city. 

Brij Singh, who has worked in the technology and finance sectors in India and the US for 18 years, as per his LinkedIn profile, said he loves Bengaluru but has had difficulty getting his company registered there. 

"Love Bangalore / India, but I have learnt more in last 3 days in Bay Area than I could in a month back home. Spent 2 months just to try to register a co in India & it's still not done," he tweeted. 

Singh, the founder and CEO of Snow Mountain AI, further explained the issue he had faced, saying: "The solution feedback loop from potential customers, investors, and even fellow founders is at a different level. The time may be coming for me to move back to the US. And I say this with a heavy heart." 

Moreover, in response to a user who encouraged him not to give up, the CEO said: "Not giving up on anything. Just stating the facts. 

"There are lots of advantages in building from India for the world as well. One must learn to leverage whatever opportunities they can to execute and compete in a global market. That is the reality," he added. 

Several Twitter users encouraged Singh to fight on, while others questioned the length of time it took to register a company. 

"Why would it take 2 months? I formed my LLP in a week. You have an issue of bad CA. Quite frankly you can register a company yourself and don't even need a CA. Takes a couple of days max," a user commented. 

"Company registration is still faster like two weeks if you have a good vendor like Company 360 -- GST takes months because of multiple rejections and complicated forms -- of course, you need a good legal partner to solve this quickly. In case you still change your plan will love to connect you with the right partners to help your business thrive," another user said.


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