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Modi-Shah Should Come Down

Modi-Shah Should Come Down

It is high time that the two top leaders of the nation – Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah – should come down to the ground realities.

They have been flying several feet above the ground since 2014 and the series of victories that they have received since then, made them live above the ground.

Between 2014 and 2019, the BJP, under the leadership of these two, had won several states and with alliance partners, the BJP was in power in 21 states in the country.

The Indian map was saffornised in 2018 with BJP present in almost all the states and Modi-Shah were seen as the winners.

They flouted all the norms with the heads growing strong and they did not care for any leader in this country. They started blaming the Independence movement, praising Godse and did many such things. 

Had that victory continued, perhaps, the two leaders might have given the country’s highest award, Bharata Ratna, to Godse!

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections too have given a big victory for the duo, who further went up in the sky and began flying, too far away from the ground reality.

The CAA, NRC and NRP are the decisions that are too above the ground realities, which pulled them down state after the state.

In just five years, the BJP had lost several states and the saffron colour from the country’s map slowly disappeared.

Their fall began with the political game that they palyed in Goa and Manipur and it finally made them to lose the rest of the states. The defeat or the loss of Maharastra is the biggest failure of the two leaders.

This is what happens to any leader who moves away from the ground realities. It is high time that the two leaders come down to the reality at least now.

They have won all the seven Lok Sabha seats in eight months ago in Delhi, but could not win more seats in the Assembly elections as they expected and predicted.


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