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Journalists to support Bharat Bandh on Sept 27

Journalists to support Bharat Bandh on Sept 27

In a rare gesture of solidarity on public issues, journalists across the country will extend their support to the Bharat Bandh call given by the farmers’ organisations as part of their agitation against the controversial three agriculture laws introduced by the Centre last year.

Indian Journalists Union (IJU) president K Srinivas Reddy and secretary general Balwinder Singh Jammu said in statement on Tuesday that the union would extend its support and solidarity to the September 27 Bharat Bandh call given by farmers’ organisations to bolster their fight against the three farm laws.

The IJU leaders urged all the member state unions to follow suit in support of the just cause.

Demanding the repeal of the three agriculture laws thousands of farmers have been sitting in dharna on the borders of Delhi for more than nine months. They are also demanding implementation of MSP for crops all over the country.

“More than 600 farmers have lost their lives during this agitation. Ten national trade unions have already announced their support to the agitation and Bharat Bandh,” they said.

The Union leaders said the IJU holds the opinion that the demands of the farmers are very genuine and the Union Government should make amends by immediately quashing the three farm laws.


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