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How Will Hero Vijay Fare in Politics?

How Will Hero Vijay Fare in Politics?

Ajith and Rajinikanth refrained from entering Tamil politics, but Kamal Haasan took the plunge. Despite an initial stint, he later shifted his focus back to movies.

The recent demise of Vijay Kanth, another actor who made a political mark, has opened the door for yet another hero, Vijay, to step into Tamil politics.

Interestingly, Vijay has announced that his party won't partake in the 2024 elections or support any other party, signaling a non-partisan stance.

While abstaining from the Lok Sabha elections, Vijay plans to officially launch his party in time for the 2026 Tamil Nadu assembly elections.

Establishing a political presence typically requires a minimum of two years for a new party.

The era when film heroes could swiftly form parties before elections and ascend to the position of Chief Minister seems to have passed.

Today's political landscape demands more than just popularity; voters are skeptical that film heroes can bring substantial change to their lives.

Chiranjeevi merged his party with the Congress, diminishing his influence. Kamal Haasan and Pawan Kalyan encountered challenges with lower vote percentages.

Pawan Kalyan, despite contesting in multiple places and strategizing based on caste comparisons, faced defeat.

Acknowledging the limitations of solo political endeavors, Pawan Kalyan is now aligning with the TDP to strengthen his presence in various seats.

His strategy revolves around garnering votes based on caste affiliations, a departure from NTR's all-encompassing appeal when he started his party.

Pawan Kalyan's approach involves aligning with the TDP and seeking votes based on caste affiliations, particularly in districts with a high population of his caste. This contrasts with NTR's initial success, where support came from people of all castes.

Pawan Kalyan's political decisions are more explicit, lacking subtlety, and he relies on the guidance of leaders from the Kapu community.

Vijay's political entry appears strategic, capitalizing on the challenges faced by AIADMK in Tamil Nadu.

With the BJP lacking clear leadership post-Jayalalitha, Vijay aims to position his party as an alternative to the dominant DMK.

His entry aligns with the perceived political vacuum in the state, echoing Kamal Haasan's earlier entry and the speculation surrounding Rajinikanth's potential political debut.

The coming years will unveil how Vijay, renowned for on-screen heroism, maneuvers the complexities of the political arena.


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