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YSRC Leaders Unhappy Over PK?

YSRC Leaders Unhappy Over PK?

The debacle of the YSR Congress party in the recent by-elections to Nandyal assembly seat and the latest elections in Kakinada Municipal Corporation seem to have created some sort of disgruntlement over the role of political strategist Prashant Kishor, who was hired by party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy for steering the party to victory in 2019 polls.

Several YSRC leaders are said to be openly discussing about Prashant’s “Shalya Saarathyam” (Giving wrong guidance to a person that would help only rivals) in the party.

During the discussion on Sakshi television channel (owned by Jagan himself), YSRC official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma inadvertently blurted out the feelings of some of the party leaders over Prashant Kishor role.

She commented that the Nandyal by-election results were a slap on the face of Prashant Kishor. Apparently taken aback by her comment, anchor Kommineni Srinivas Rao asked her how she could make such a blatant statement.

But Padma stuck to her guns and said people like Prashant would not be of any help, as he had no idea about political dynamics of Andhra Pradesh.

“His strategies might work out in the north, where the politics is of different kind, but in the south, he is not of much use,” she said.

So, is Padma of the opinion that Jagan had done mistake by hiring Prashant? She said at least now, Prashant should make a study of the local situation and prepare the strategies accordingly.

When Kommineni asked her whether there was truth in the reports that Prashant would not be working with the YSRC anymore and was returning to Delhi, the spokesperson said there was no truth in the reports.

“Prashant will continue till 2019, but he has to change his strategies according to the local dynamics,” she said.



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