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This TDP MP's Theatrics Disgusting!

This TDP MP's Theatrics Disgusting!

YSR Congress party general secretary and Rajya Sabha member V Vijay Sai Reddy might have faced criticism for calling Telugu Desam Party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu as “fourth gender,” but going by the theatrics of his party MPs in Parliament in the name of demanding special category status to AP, one would be definitely tempted to make such comments.

Such was the disgusting behaviour of TDP MP from Chittoor Dr N Sivaprasad, who has been attending Parliament sessions, wearing strange make-ups every day, even as his party colleagues have been resorting to holding placards and raising slogans for special category status to register their protest in the Parliament premises.

On Friday, Sivaprasad came to Parliament wearing the make-up of a transgender (eunuch), making obscene gestures at fellow MPs, media persons and other visitors.

He called the Prime Minister “Modi Baava” in a typical eunuch style and wanted that the state be blessed with the boons as was promised in the past.

What is worse, the TDP MP even greeted Congress leader Sonia Gandhi with obscene gestures at the Parliament entrance and she just walked in with a broad smile. It was really disgusting to the other MPs and visitors.

In fact, ever since the TDP snapped ties with the BJP, Sivaprasad has been coming to Parliament in strange attires in the name of protests.

On Thursday, he was dressed up like German dictator Adolf Hitler with Nazi uniform, toothbrush moustache and a stick in hand.

A few days ago, he wore a long saffron robe to create Sri Sathya Sai Baba's look. Before that he sported the attire of Saint Annamacharya, with a gold silk drape around his shoulders, tied a yellow waist band and played an iktara.

In the past, he had dressed as a variety of characters - from sage Vishvamitra, Parashurama and Narad Muni from mythology to a washerman, Swachh Bharat worker, a student and even a woman.

Though his objective is to grab the attention of the media and fellow MPs, he has only been viewed as a joker!



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