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This Producer Funds Jana Sena Party?

This Producer Funds Jana Sena Party?

It is quite common for any political party to mobilise party funds. If the founder of the political party is from film industry or from other celebrity circles, there is no dearth of people who provide funding – may be they expect party tickets to contest the elections or help of other kinds in future in case the party comes to power.

So, the party funding from behind the screen is very common in politics.

When Jana Sena Party was founded in 2014, industrialist-and-producer Potluri Vara Prasad (PVP) had provided funding. It was an open secret. He expected the party ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Vijayawada.

However, his attempts did not work out, as Pawan was cosying up with Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu those days.

Despite hectic lobbying by Pawan, Naidu had not agreed to give the Vijayawada seat to PVP. Subsequently, PVP distanced himself from Jana Sena Party and Pawan Kalyan, too, did not focus on the party activities.

Now that Jana Sena has become active and Pawan Kalyan is getting ready to field candidates in all the 175 assembly constituencies in 2019, he is desperately in need of funds. He is approaching all his friends to lend a helping hand to the party.

According to gossips doing rounds in the film industry, an upcoming producer has come forward to raise funds for Jana Sena.

This NRI producer has already suffered losses by producing a small ticket film which failed at the box office. Now, he is making another film now, which is going to be released shortly.

This producer is moving closely with Jana Sena, so much so that he is not only raising funds for the party but also allowing the party activities being run from his own office.

Even Jana Sena party workers are also working for his film, kicking up a lot of surprise in the team. 

The hero of the film, who requested the producer to employ his own assistant, was surprised to see Jana Sena Party workers in his team.

Interestingly, the director of the film, too, was closely related to Praja Rajyam Party, floated by Pawan Kalyan’s brother megastar Chiranjeevi!



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