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Rajamouli To Be Naidu's Consultant?

Rajamouli To Be Naidu's Consultant?

Ace national-award winning director S S Rajamouli is most likely to be appointed as an official consultant of the Andhra Pradesh government for the construction of Amaravati, the new capital of the state till it is completed.

Rajamouli was initially reluctant, when his name was sounded as a consultant by none other than chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who was obviously impressed by the magnificent designs used by the former in his dream imaginary city of Maahishmati in the film Baahubali.

He told a team of officials led by Municipal Administration Minister P Narayana that he might not be able to help them because he was not an architect in the first place and that he would be busy with his films, as such, he would not be able to dedicate his time for the capital work.

However, Naidu did not want to leave him and brought pressure on him. And when Rajamouli finally visited Amaravati area on Wednesday, he was very much impressed with the plan.

He went round the Krishna river areas and told the officials that it was the best place for the capital. He said he would do whatever he could for the capital design.

“I don’t mind going to London to discuss with the architects. Before that, I would like to chalk down my ideas and discuss with the architects over teleconference,” he said.

It is learnt Rajamouli wanted an official endorsement as a consultant for giving his ideas and Naidu has agreed for the same.



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