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Pics: PK Does Photo shoot for Plenary

Pics: PK Does Photo shoot for Plenary

Pawan Kalyan is gearing up for full-time politics. Like his brother Chiranjeevi did in the past, he has recently done a special photo shoot for his big public appearance.

When Chiranjeevi launched his Prajarajyam party, he did a photo shoot posing in white half-shirt and black trousers.

Pawan Kalyan’s party Jana Sena will have its first plenary session in Mangalagiri on March 14. For this, Pawan Kalyan did photo shoot and he posed in simple white Kurta Pajama. A professional photographer was hired for this session.

The party leaders have to use these photos for all purpose now onwards like for banners, pamphlets, flexis, and hoardings.

Though Pawan Kalyan has turned full-time politician, he is still employing cinema-style methods.

Pawan Kalyan has announced officially that he is taking the plunge into active politics after the release of “Agnyaathavaasi”.

Few key decisions will be taken at the plenary and a plan will be chalked out how to strengthen the party at the grassroots level in Andhra Pradesh and in Telangana.



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