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Pawan Kalyan's Secret Meetings With Those Two

Pawan Kalyan's Secret Meetings With Those Two

Jagan Mohan Reddy has been alerting the voters of Pithapuram that Pawan Kalyan will only be in Hyderabad but not with them if he is elected.

What Jagan says is about the uncertain future, but currently, Pawan is not staying in Pithapuram as a local.

He has rented a house near the national highway in the same constituency. However, whenever possible, he is running to Mangalagiri or Hyderabad.

Mangalagiri is a necessity because the party office is located there and numerous tasks require attention.

Keeping this aside, it appears that Pawan often visits Hyderabad. Currently, Pawan's family does not reside in Hyderabad. So what drives him to go to Hyderabad frequently? 

Nevertheless, rumors persist that Pawan visits Hyderabad to meet two individuals; a prominent director in Tollywood and a spiritual mentor. 

It seems that Pawan frequently meets with these two in Hyderabad. Every year, the spiritual mentor performs pujas and homas on Pawan's behalf.

Sources say that he is the one who performed upanayanam for Pawan and converted him into a Brahmin. Additionally, there are reports that the renowned director provides key points for Pawan's speeches.

Pawan has no time to analyze the entire political landscape and the election trends.

Therefore, it seems that these two close friends regularly review all the news, campaign styles, and speeches circulating in the media and social platforms, offering appropriate advice and suggestions. 

It is said that many of the mass points in Pawan's speeches are given by this director. Furthermore, it seems that the spiritual advisor is looking into the tasks such as finding right time to establish Pawan's office and the right muhurtam for nomination.

Whenever these three convene in Hyderabad, it is happening to be an unmissable meeting.


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