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Pawan Gundu Continues To Make News!

Pawan Gundu Continues To Make News!

It looks like power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has unnecessary raked up the “old wounds” by raising the controversial rumours about former minister and faction leader Paritala Ravi getting the former’s head tonsured over a land dispute.

In fact, everybody has virtually forgotten the reports of Pawan’s “gundu” episode which was a hot news in late ‘90s. But unnecessarily, Pawan himself recalled the media reports of those days while addressing the party workers in Vijayawada.

He gave a lengthy explanation on the gundu episode, saying he had got his head tonsured on his own because he was fed up with his growing hair amidst hectic film schedules. And he clarified that he did not even know who Paritala was then.

Stating that his bald head was unnecessarily linked to Paritala, He blamed it on some TDP leaders for spreading the rumours about his clash with Paritala.

Now, Pawan gundu has become a hot news again. Despite his clarification, media started doing stories about the Paritala-Pawan episode.

As a result, everybody who knew Paritala started giving clarifications.

Film writer Divakar Madabhushi told media that he had openly asked Paritala about Pawan’s gundu episode, and the latter denied the rumours and wondered how they surfaced in public.

On Monday, Paritala’s wife and AP minister Paritala Sunitha also gave a clarification.

“He is no so fool to get the head of a popular actor tonsured. What Pawan said is right. There is no truth whatsoever in the reports that my husband got his head tonsured,” she clarified.



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