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Opinion: Maha Injustice!

Opinion: Maha Injustice!

Recently, Pawan Kalyan held a private meeting with the top businessmen from his community at a hotel in Hyderabad. The meeting was for the purpose of getting funds for the Jana Sena Party. 

Maha Murthy immediately seized in on the opportunity and tried to smear the reputation of Pawan Kalyan.

He tried to project the meeting as a Kapu conclave and that Pawan was a casteist person.

His reporter on the spot came out with some details saying that the entry for the meeting was fixed at Rs 10 lakh and it was a very exclusive one in which only those with invitations could attend.

The reporter further added that the details of all the persons who came to the event were collected including their names, occupations, etc.

Now, here is the contradiction. If all the attendees were there on special invitation, why would their details be collected again? These are high-profile wealthy businessmen who do not walk up to a reception desk and give out their details like normal people.

Pawan Kalyan may have organised a meeting of wealthy businessmen from his community but everybody does that.

If two Kamma businessmen get together, it is for the welfare of the State and if two Kapu businessmen get together, it is casteism, according to Maha Murthy.

Besides, paying money to attend such conclaves is nothing new. What is Rs 10 lakh for these people?

Recently, Lokesh attended one such event in the US by paying for it and then claimed that he had been invited by the US President.

Every politician needs the support of his community and this doesn’t mean that he is casteist. Why did Maha Murthy not mention about the meeting of the Kamma businessmen at Ramoji Film City recently at which a strategy was chalked out to counter YS Jagan?

Why did Maha Murthy not mention the fact that Pawan Kalyan held a similar meeting in Bhimavaram which was exclusively for businessmen from the Kshatriya community and one in Visakhapatnam which was solely for Dalits?

This shows that Pawan is approaching all communities for support which is common in politics. But, when he met with his own community people, Maha News tried to portray him as a casteist person which is highly unfair. But then, that’s how the yellow media functions.

Written By Kiran Sharma



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