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OMG: Rs 1200 Crores As Singapore Consultation Charges

OMG: Rs 1200 Crores As Singapore Consultation Charges

A news report has emerged which states that Singapore is quoting a fee of Rs 1200 crores as consultation charges for the development of the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

It is known fact that the Andhra Pradesh government is keen on using their services regarding the development of the newly carved state.

Since Babu wants to replicate the Singapore model, the Singapore government has decided to ask a whopping Rs 1200 crores to provide their expertise and guidance.

However, no one is sure if such an amount is necessary to get expertise from the tiny nation-state.

Many are also wondering if India has a dearth of architects and specialists to guide Babu’s government to seek guidance elsewhere. Also, will the government manage to shell out such a huge amount?

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