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Nyayastanam to Devastanam - Richest Padayatra in Indian history

Nyayastanam to Devastanam - Richest Padayatra in Indian history

A section of farmers from Amaravati villages have completed their padayatra from High Court (Nyayasthanam) to temple town, Tirupati (Devastanam). 

The long march continued for 45 days with women taking part and some TDP activists leading it. 

They had star hotel facilities all through the walk with volunteers serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The nights too were no different. They had beds, mattresses and air coolers and air conditioners in the temporary camps erected in advance by the volunteers. 

They had vehicles accompanying them for their toilets – two vehicles for men and women separately, where they could have sumptuous shower twice a day.

On looking at this padayatra, one wonders who sponsored this event, which costs a few crore of rupees, who claim that they have lost their prosperity! 

Well, these activists claim to have made a great sacrifice by parting with their lands. But the fact is that the lands, except those on the banks of river Krishna, price went up from Rs 5 lakh an acre to Rs 5 crore and they still claim that they have sacrificed!

They were paid yearly compensation – annuity – by the government and were given one residential and one commercial plot for every acre, and still they claim that they have made a big sacrifice by giving their lands.

They expected that every plot would bring them a few crore of rupees if the capital as planned by Chandrababu Naidu continued and now they lost this real estate speculative income. 

These are the people who purchased gold worth a few crore of rupees, lavish vehicles, expensive houses and went around the world as tourists. All that was from the money their gained by giving their lands for Amaravati.


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