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Narayana Likens Vijay Mallya To Babu

CPI national politburo member made a sarcastic comment against Chandra Babu Naidu that he was behaving rather strangely.

He wondered why Babu was visiting Singapore when it was barely less than the size of Tirupathi. He said Babu and his government were behaving on the lines of Paramanandayya Sishyula Katha. 

Narayana advised that there was no point in ruling from palatial buildings by putting aside the needs of people. After settling the farm loans of farmers as mentioned prior to the polls, even if the government ruled from a shack, it wouldn’t really matter he said.

Narayana also lamented that the government was meting out step motherly treatment to Andhra Pradesh. And comparing Chandra Babu to Vijay Mallya, Narayana said that he was emulating Vijay Mallya and spending most of his time flying around in private crafts. Probably, one day he would meet the same end prophesied Narayana.



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