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If Kavuri, Rayapati take Call Money loans..

If Kavuri, Rayapati take Call Money loans..

Vijayawada: Why did call money scam occur? It happened because poor man does not have access to loans.

Years ago, there was harassment by micro finance companies. Their recovery methods were harsh and cruel. Yet poor people who, the banks don't give loans, find go to them for loans. 

If micro finance recovery methods were cruel, the Call Money recovery is inhuman. They are forcing women to give sexual favours for non-payment of interest. At the root of the problem is inability of the poor and the lower middle class to secure bank loans. 

But, look at the richie rich biggies who are welcomed at the banks and the officials fall head over heels to advance fancy amounts to them as loans.

Central Minister Sujana Chowdary defaulted to a tune of Rs 4000 crore. What about another industrialist-politician, Kavuri, who is now with the BJP? The other day, the banks have staged a protest outside his office over loan default. Will the bank officials use such mild tactics against the poor who default?

What about another politician Rayapati Sambasiva Rao. He has always clung to the ruling party. His Jayalakshmi Company has defaulted so many times, but the MP goes scot free. What more, as an MP, he talks about banking policies in Parliament. Another biggie Lanco Rajagopal's story too is no different.

The list is endless and the poor are driven to blood-sucking private lenders, while the biggies who repeatedly default, get red carpet welcome at the banks. Will this ever be corrected?

The common man thinks what would be the treatment if Rayapatis and Kavuris take loan from Call Money gangs!



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