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How Does Chandrababu Explain This Ban?

How Does Chandrababu Explain This Ban?

The transmission of ‘NTV’ has been blocked in certain parts of Andhra Pradesh after the TDP felt that the channel was presenting it in a poor light regarding the 'cash-for-vote' scandal.

Cable operators aligned to the TDP have stopped the telecast of NTV. The services of the channel are not available even in Anantpur town.

While ‘Sakshi TV’ was also banned along with NTV, the telecast of Sakshi TV is now available again. However, NTV continues to face the TDP’s ire.

In this matter, Chandrababu merely seems to be taking off after KCR, by shutting down those sections of the media, inimical to him.

Chandrababu gave so many lectures on freedom of the media when ABN was banned in Telangana. How does he explain the ban on NTV now?