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Fake Jana Sena leaders stump Pawan!

Fake Jana Sena leaders stump Pawan!

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan is yet to take a plunge into active politics, as he is now busy completing the films on hand.

At the same time, he is continuing the recruitment drive – picking up writers, intellectuals, delegates and speakers for the party all over Andhra and Telangana, who can be his strong force once he enters the active politics.

But even before Pawan Kalyan formed a complete organisational structure, some fake leaders have started making use of Jana Sena to mobilise big money in the name of “party funds.”

This has stumped the power star, who was forced to issue a statement on Thursday cautioning the people against such fake Jana Sainiks.

He said it has come to his notice that few individuals are trying to create confusion among the people by claiming themselves to be leaders of Jana Sena and participating in the media debates and also collecting party funds.

Pawan made it clear that he has not assigned by any representative to participate in media debates and so, he wouldn’t be responsible if any speak on behalf of the party in such debates.

“If you come across such so-called representatives of Jana Sena, please inform me. I have not nominated anybody as party spokespersons or representatives,” he said.

He also requested the people not be believe these cheats who were collecting funds for the party.



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