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Fact Sheet: Reign Of Terror

Fact Sheet: Reign Of Terror

What are the two biggest nightmares for a person in this day and age? One is being caught alive by the ISIS and the other is being born as a farmer in Telangana.

While ISIS needs a concerted global effort to eliminate it, the same cannot be said of the latter problem.

As the number of suicides continues unabated, the people have become so immune to it that the death of yet another farmer no longer evokes minimum sympathy.

It is extremely shocking to see the completely indifferent approach of KCR to the plight of the farmers.

While he goes on a drinking binge at his farmhouse in Medak, he has left the farmers to their fate and the result is there for all to see.

He has realized his life ambition of becoming a chief minister, now his only remaining goal is to successfully hand over the reins to KTR and retire permanently to his farmhouse.

No wonder then that the reign of KCR is a reign of terror as far as the farmers of Telangana are concerned.