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Fact Sheet: Block Them Digitally As Well

Fact Sheet: Block Them Digitally As Well

The Telangana Police have successfully banished self-proclaimed film and social activist Kathi Mahesh and now, Swami Paripoornananda from the city for six months. However, banning a person physically from a place in today’s digital age is not of much use.

Mahesh Kathi is still talking nonsense on Facebook live videos and creating a divide between Hindus. Similarly, if there is anything which Swami Paripoornananda said, he can continue to say it from Kakinada.

Therefore it is not the physical presence of a person that is causing the damage; it is his ideology or views on sensitive issues.

So, along with physical banishment, the social media accounts of Kathi Mahesh need to be blocked as well for at least a period of one year by which time he would have faded from public memory.

Otherwise, people will still be subject to his digital poison. And in a way, it is not Kathi Mahesh alone to be blamed for the current scenario.

The two channels which feed him to the public and encourage controversy for TRPs are equally to be blamed.

One is a channel which was banned in Telangana but gave a written apology to the government and got back in business and the other is a purely digital channel said to be backed by media person.

Mahesh Kathi is allegedly on the regular payroll of these two channels which is encouraging him to dish out such crap which can have serious consequences for society but the channels are obviously least bothered as all they care about is profits.

By the way, it would be really commendable if the Telangana police take similar action against the likes of Asaduddin Owaisi as well.



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