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Buzz: Senior Hero's Film With Full Of Vulgarity

Buzz: Senior Hero's Film With Full Of Vulgarity

A senior hero is doing a film after a long gap. A writer cum director is making the film. The shoot is almost completed.

As the pandemic wave is not letting any theatre business happen, the makers decided to release it directly on the OTT. 

The close people associated with the unit watched the film in a  private show.

Except for the hero, every character in the film utters vulgar dialogues in abundance which made the audience get shocked. But the hero made them comfortable by convincing that this generation of audience likes such stuff. 

The senior hero belongs to a respectable family. So, acting in a film filled with vulgarity may spoil his image, is the discussion now. But since it is on OTT, the damage can be minimised is the solace.

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