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Behind The Scene: KCR's Horrible Revenge?

Behind The Scene: KCR's Horrible Revenge?

Manuwada Vijay, hailing from Vemulawada is an MTech student from Osmania University. At KCR's meeting in Hanamkonda, he shouted 'KCR DOWN DOWN'.

Despite being asked by the TRS people there to stop it, he continued with his slogan repeatedly forcing the police to take him into custody.

The police would normally admonish people in such cases and leave them. But shockingly, even the parents of Vijay have been arrested on the suspicion of being Maoist sympathizers.

Why did the police get this doubt only after Vijay shouted KCR down down? If Vijay and his parents are really Maoist sympathizers, the police must show proof immediately.

Otherwise, it is absolutely unacceptable for a student and his family to be put through such an ordeal merely because Vijay protested at the CM’s meeting. Such horrible revenge on a young boy and his family?

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