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YS Jagan's Boon To The Neglected City

YS Jagan's Boon To The Neglected City

Jagan has achieved what he had wished for. He has given capital status to the neglected city of Visakhapatnam.

It is an undeniable fact that Vizag received the capital status because a strong leader like Jagan decided to make it happen.

Vizag could have been achieved capital status long back. But it is materialized now. If we go back into the history pages, Visakhapatnam flourished as the capital centuries ago.

History pages reveal that Visakhapatnam was the capital of the Buddhist Kingdom in the 5th century BC.

After several centuries, Jagan has changed the fate of Vizag with his indomitable will. There are many people who used Visakhapatnam to their befits but none of them tried to develop it.  Now, sky is the only limit for the development of Vizag.

At this juncture, Vizag is going to celebrate the independence day with double the joy. Chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is going to hoist the Indian flag on the independence Day in Vizag as per the information.

There another talk in the political circles that CM is going to inaugurate the Camp Office on the same day. These developments indicate that the secretariat will come to Vizag very soon. 

Jagan was in Padayatra on August 2018 in Narsipatnam, Visakha district. He had hoisted the flag in the Visakha district as the Opposition Leader.

Republic Day celebrations were planned this year in Vizag but the event was cancelled in the last minute.

Within two years of hoisting the flag in Narsipaatnam in the position of Opposition Leader,

Jagan is going to attend the flag hoisting ceremony in the city as the chief minister. This is nothing but making the impossible possible.

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