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Why Shocking Silence On NEET Scam?

Why Shocking Silence On NEET Scam?

Elections are over, oath-taking ceremonies concluded, governments are formed, Assembly sessions are ongoing, and every political activity has started.

But surprisingly, no political party is raising their voice against the shocking NEET scandal and advocating for justice for the lakhs of students across India.

The shocking silence of certain political parties on the NEET medical exams issue highlights their prioritization of alliances over students.

Why aren't they advocating for the 60,000 students from Andhra Pradesh and the 23 lakh students across India who took the NEET?

Don't the political leaders stand beside the students to ensure justice? Do they just leave it to law and order and remain silent?

NEET is the examination conducted nationwide for admissions to medical colleges.

The paper leak scandal and the way the examination was compromised cannot be resolved merely by disqualifying a few students and arresting some officials and individuals involved in the leak.

Whether there should be a re-examination or another measure that stands in the interest of all 23 lakh students needs to be addressed in an open debate.

The views of the students should be listened to. How justice can be done should be considered. There should be a discussion among students, politicians, and the media, and the government should take necessary action immediately.

If the hard work of sincere students is not addressed, the education ecosystem in India would collapse, sending the wrong signals to the rest of the world as well.


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