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Thanks Sai uncle, but I support family: Alekhya

Thanks Sai uncle, but I support family: Alekhya

Nandamuri Alekhya Reddy, the wife of the late Nandamuri Taraka Ratna, grandson of the legendary actor N T Rama Rao, has made it clear that her political support always lies with her family, despite her close relation to YSR Congress party general secretary V Vijay Sai Reddy.

"I have always been asked which side I am on. I am on the side of acceptance, humanity, love, and most importantly, my FAMILY. Wishing you nothing but the best mamayya, obu, kids, and I love you unconditionally," she posted on her Instagram handle.

It appears that Alekhya was referring to Nandamuri Balakrishna while addressing him as "mamayya." She also shared a picture with all her family members, including Balakrishna and Mokshagna, along with the message on Instagram.

However, Alekhya, who happens to be the daughter of Sai Reddy’s sister-in-law (wife’s sister), maintains a very close relationship with him. In fact, it was Sai Reddy who took care of Alekhya’s family when Taraka Ratna died of a heart stroke while participating in the first day of Nara Lokesh’s Yuva Galam padayatra.

Sai Reddy has been regularly visiting Alekhya’s house, and she, too, regularly visits his house. During the Ugadi festival on April 11, she spent the whole day with Sai Reddy’s family. She even spoke very highly of him, comparing him with his father.

“He is a great man, and I am sure his blessings are always with me. He has been with us in our thick and thin. It is very commendable on his part to spend time with us on the festival day, despite being busy in electioneering. He knows the value of being with us during our tough periods,” she said.

This led to speculation that she would announce her support for the YSR Congress party. However, on Saturday, her post indicated that she is aligned with her late husband, who had been actively involved in TDP activities.


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