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'Success and Failure Are Both Part Of The Same Game'

'Success and Failure Are Both Part Of The Same Game'

The harsh treatment meted out by most critics and the boxoffice to the new Nagarjuna starrer Manmadhudu 2 has not shaken Nagarjuna at all.

“One does every film with equal passion and sincerity. Some work some don’t. So what? You just carry on doing what you believe in. That’s life. I’ve never taken success or failure too seriously,” says Nag.

About selecting what many think was a wrong French film for a Telugu remake, Nag says, “One goes by instinct. It’s not right to question my judgment just because a particular film doesn’t work."

"At this stage of my career I am working thanks to the support of my fans and well wishers. I am happy with whatever I am doing in life including my role as host on Bigg Boss. I don’t regret anything.”

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