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Secret Behind Pro-TDP Surveys In National Media

Secret Behind Pro-TDP Surveys In National Media

All of the National Media is showing pro-TDP surveys from last few days.

The actual fact in Andhra Pradesh is that until a few weeks ago, there was some value for the TDP-Janasena alliance, but as soon as the BJP joined them, the graph plummeted miserably. 

The actual fact at the ground level at present is that the wave is for YCP, and the alliance is going to suffer hugely.

But the National media that said about pro-YCP surveys until a few days ago suddenly changed the narrative to say that the alliance is gaining hold on the voters. There is a secret behind this makeshift.

The major part of National media is managed by the BJP or many of the media houses are pro-BJP. So the media at the national level gives a boost to that party's voters, sympathizers, and cadre with its surveys, sometimes even disregarding logic.

Sources say that as BJP is now part of TDP-JSP alliance, the positive surveys are being heard.


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