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RRR: 'I Am Fearless But Not Foolish'

RRR: 'I Am Fearless But Not Foolish'

One of the most controversial politicians of today’s time in Andhra Pradesh is Raghurama Krishnamraju also known as ‘RRR’. 

In an exclusive interview with Great Andhra, he shared few candid thoughts which garnered a lot of attention.

Below are few interesting excerpts and the full details can be heard from the link at the bottom:

Pancha Kattu:

“Whenever I go to parliament I wear it and it is predominantly as a mark of respect towards the late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. However, I also wear pant and shirt and that too very colorful ones.”


Lately he is being called as RRR in social media bearing resemblance to Rajamouli’s magnum opus title. Responding to that, Krishnamraju mentioned his name is quite long so people cut it short like this. He is not really amused with this acronym and also cautioned that if the film doesn’t work at the box office then it will be insulting.

Resisting Party & Policies:

"I have no reservations against the internal policies of the party. My protest is only against the government and its administration. I only criticize the policies of the government. Party and government are two different things, few people consider all are one but my view is different. "

Real Reason Behind RRR’s Rebellion:

"Few Government policies are likely to affect the future of the party and it I feel it would bring disrepute to the administration. That’s why I voiced my protest. I wanted to convey this to my CM but didn’t get the chance. For someone who has mingled with the entire population of AP, he doesn’t have time for us. Since I was unsuccessful there I had to take the media route. "

Who Is The Archrival:

It is not Jagan, Vijayasai Reddy, Y V Subba Reddy or the party. It is only the ways of the government. For instance, their stand on the Sand issue was something I criticized. I gave few suggestions to resolve this. All this came in newspaper. What does it mean? It only means things went wrong. I brought this to government’s attention way back in February and because I did that, a letter was written that I must be disqualified. 

Missing Jagan:

I want to meet the Chief Minister not our party leader. I am a public representative and each day I get calls from several people about their issues. It is my duty to communicate them to the CM. And since I move around amidst people I know the ground level issues. For someone who sits in a room and doesn’t interact with real people how will he be aware. And when I want to bring this to the notice of the CM, he should be approachable right?

Prashant Kishore:

The chief strategist of YCP Prashant Kishore brought me into the party after doing a thorough survey in my constituency and discovering my strength. Now, I hear from Prashant’s team that the party wanted to introduce another person in my area and they are looking at him as the potential candidate for next election. But I also heard from Prashant’s team that he personally objected to this and made it clear his reputation will be at stake if someone else is brought in so the other person cannot be given entry.

Wig Raju:

Yes, I lost some hair above forehead so I got a permanent hair fixing done. That is my personal choice, I want to look good and presentable. There are few people who wear suits even in summer time, why do they do that? Just to look good and presentable. Just because someone calls me ‘Wig Raju’ I don’t have to change for him. I laughed when someone called me that name. Those who are not even average height are commenting on my hair, I laughed looking at their culture.  

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