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Pre Poll Survey: Who Is Where On AP's Chessboard?

Pre Poll Survey: Who Is Where On AP's Chessboard?

As of today, the YSRCP leads by over 20 seats compared to the Alliance.

Two months ago, there was a slight surge in support for Alliance, but recent developments, including the BJP joining the TDP, ticket distribution, and Jagan's tours, have bolstered the YSRCP's position.

The current election scenario doesn't indicate a significant wave favoring any party, and each district presents a different landscape.

Presently, the TDP holds an advantage in Guntur, Krishna, and West Godavari districts, while Uttarandhra remains evenly split. 

In contrast, Rayalaseema and Nellore lean towards the YSRCP. 

Ongole and East Godavari districts are evenly contested.

Jagan's aggressive touring, particularly in districts where the TDP traditionally holds sway, such as Ongole could alter the dynamics. 

Adding to this, the release of the YSRCP manifesto on Ugadi day might also influence voter sentiments. The upcoming weeks will likely see shifts in the political landscape as campaigning intensifies by all parties.


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