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Memantha Siddham: A Remarkably Successful Rally

Memantha Siddham: A Remarkably Successful Rally

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's Memantha Siddham Yatra has significantly reinvigorated the YSRC party, with 150 leaders from various opposition parties and over 105,000 grassroots activists joining the ruling party at the Panchayat/Ward levels in the past 20 days.

Despite changing candidates in 85 seats for the current elections, there were speculations about disheartened leaders leaving the party. However, the tide turned in favor of the YSRC, with only a few leaders departing while a considerable number of leaders and activists from other parties joined its ranks.

Jagan Reddy revolutionized the dynamics of the election campaign by initiating the bus yatra during the early phase of campaigning.

While previous leaders like NT Rama Rao and Chandrababu Naidu utilized vehicles for election campaigns, Jagan introduced innovative elements like the 'Ramp Walk' at public meetings, drawing significant attention.

During the Memantha Siddham yatra, which commenced on March 27 from Idupulapaya in Kadapa district, approximately 150 prominent leaders from parties like TD, JanaSena, BJP, and Congress publicly declared their support for the YSRC in the presence of the CM.

Additionally, 83 leaders had joined the party before the yatra, further bolstering its influence across the state.

Despite concerns about dissent within the YSRC due to changes in candidates for 85 assembly and parliament seats, Jagan Reddy effectively managed the situation, disappointing opposition parties' hopes of capitalizing on internal turmoil.

The significant backing for Jagan Reddy's Memantha Siddham Yatra among the masses is prompting leaders from other political parties to align with the YSRC, providing an additional advantage in the ongoing elections.


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