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Joke: Ravi Prakash talks of values in media!

Joke: Ravi Prakash talks of values in media!

Sacked chief executive officer of Telugu television channel TV9 V Ravi Prakash has been underground ever since the Cyberabad police booked different cases against him. His bail petition is pending in the high court.

Suddenly, on Wednesday, Ravi Prakash released an eight-minute video from an unknown place, trying to give an explanation to the allegations against him, the cases filed against him by the police and his fight for justice.

The sacked CEO of TV9 sought to project himself as a paragon of virtues and a fighter to uphold the values of journalism.

“I have founded the channel with certain principles and values. I stood by them till the last minute and my fight will continue to protect the values for which the channel stood for in the last 15 years,” he said.

Ravi Prakash said all the three cases that had been filed against him were frivolous and silly.

He said he was the chairman and CEO of the channel and there was no need for him to forge the signature of a chartered accountant who was a part-time employee of the channel.

“In fact, the new management people had kidnapped him and forced him to upload the names of new directors, which they could not as he had already resigned for personal reasons,” he said.

On the charges of share transfer between him and Shivaji, he said there was no criminal case involved in it and it was purely a personal issue between the two individuals and the dispute is in the National Company Law Tribunal.

“How can the police register a case which is pending in a tribunal?” he asked.

With regard to sale of TV9 logo and trademark, Ravi Prakash said he was the absolute owner of the logo and trademark and the new management had no right over it.

“I have got the TV9 name and logo designed and the promoters have no role over it,” he claimed.

The former CEO reiterated that My Home Group chairman J Rameshwar Rao wanted him to continue as an employee and a servant, rather than the CEO of the channel.

“He entered the channel through backdoor methods by taking over majority shares. While the earlier promoter gave full editorial freedom to me, Rameshwar Rao wanted to gain control over the day-to-day activity of the channel,” he said.



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