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Jagan Should Realize Why 'No Protestors'

Jagan Should Realize Why 'No Protestors'

The YSRCP office, which is under construction, collapsed today. Surprisingly, there are no protestors from the YSRCP side. Where are the thousands of 'karyakartas,' ex-MLAs, and other party activists?

No one came out to protest, and at least now, Jagan Mohan Reddy should understand what has happened to the party under his leadership.

The real strength of the party is known when it is not in power, rather than when it is.

Jagan Mohan Reddy ignored the 'karyakartas' in the last five years, implying with his actions that volunteers are enough.

However, this led to even MLAs losing direct contact with the people, and some of them blamed the volunteer system after losing in the elections citing the same reason.

All the importance Jagan gave was only to his core team members and IPAC.

Although Jagan Mohan Reddy felt that he made several efforts towards Direct Benefit Transfers to the people, he didn’t realize that there were other beneficiaries around him who got benefitted in a similar DBT in other form. These included Sajjala, Chevireddy, Vijay Sai Reddy, Y V Subba Reddy, Peddireddy, Dhanunjaya Reddy and the IPAC team.

Only they were given importance, funds and power to run the government, party and even to conduct pre-poll surveys and advise on fielding candidates in various constituencies.

When the party office under construction is being demolished, where are Sajjala, Chevireddy and Dhanunjaya Reddy? Why don’t they come forward to the cameras and protest?

Sajjala, who always came in front of the camera to show himself as the No. 2 in the party when it was in power, is now not coming before the cameras to talk. Why is this so?

Everyone in the party, including karyakartas, ex volunteers, ex-MLAs, and leaders, understood why the party lost in the election. But Jagan Mohan Reddy still does not understand. 

Jagan still feels that people believed only in the manifesto released by Chandrababu out of greed, forgetting that Chandrababu never fulfilled his manifesto promises in the past.

While that contributes only to a small percentage of the defeat, there are umpteen number of leadership issues that collapsed the party to the ground.

While the physical office was collapsed by the new government authorities, it is Jagan Mohan Reddy who collapsed the spirit within his party with the wrong ecosystem he placed in the party throughout his rule. 

At least now, looking at the circumstances, if he doesn’t change his mind, his political future will be in danger.

It is an indication that Jagan Mohan Reddy should rebuild his party from scratch to regain and find relevance in the political map of Andhra Pradesh. 

The silence of 'karyakartas,' leaders, and even the core team over the demolition of the party office is a clear indication that the party's engine has stopped and awaiting an ignition.


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