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Is 75% quota for locals a boon or bane?

Is 75% quota for locals a boon or bane?

The Andhra Pradesh state assembly on Wednesday passed a landmark bill makingit mandatory for any industry being set up in the state should provide 75 per cent reservations to locals in all the jobs.

The YSRC government headed by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy could get the bill passed in the assembly because of its huge majority, but it had to face a lot of criticism from various sectors and of course the opposition parties.

A section of analysts say it was an impractical to insist industries to give 75 per cent of jobs to only locals, as industries go by the talent and skilled manpower.

“Whether there is any law or not, industries will prefer local candidates as far as possible, if they meet the requirements of industrial needs. But making it mandatory to give 75 per cent quota to locals will not be a practical proposition,” an analyst said, adding it will definitely affect the investments into the state.

Secondly, there is no clear definition about domicile (local status) of a candidate – whether he has to study in the local area continuously. How about an Andhra student who pursues his graduation and higher studies in other places like Mumbai or Bengaluru or Delhi? Will he be treated as local or not?

Thirdly, industries proposing to set up their shops in Andhra Pradesh should make a talent hunt in the institutions and if the candidates do not fit into their scheme of things, they have to spend a lot in imparting training and skill development to suit their requirements.

Some experts also say the Jagan government’s decision might set a dangerous precedent because if all states pass such a bill, then it will change the entire employment in the country.

In fact, Vijayawada TDP MP Kesineni Nani warned that the unfair decision taken by Jagan would result in a lot of troubles for the unemployed youth.

He wondered what would be the fate of Andhra students who apply for jobs in other states, if these states, too, pass a similar bill.

However, Jagan allayed all these apprehensions. He said the local youth would have a lion’s share in the jobs in the industries that are to come up in the State. He, however, said the policy was investment friendly and flexible.

“If any industry does not get enough talent locally, it can seek relaxation from the government in a selective manner,” he said.

Jagan argued that the quota would help the growth of industries and when an industry comes up it changes the economic standards of the locals.

“The captains of the industry and the Skill Development Centres to come up in the Engineering Colleges of all the 25 Parliament Constituencies will script industrial revolution by creating jobs, skilled labour and increasing the standard of living of the people,” he said.

Industries minister Mekapati Gautam Reddy compared AP with developed nations like the US and the UK which were also talking in terms of jobs to locals.

“We cannot be different. From the licence raj to the liberalization the nation is on the move and we need to go with the wind and take up reforms which speak of jobs for locals and industrialization,” he said.



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