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Ground Report: Pawan facing tough time in Pithapuram?

Ground Report: Pawan facing tough time in Pithapuram?

A broad look at the political scenario in Pithapuram assembly in Kakinada district might give an impression that power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan, who is contesting the upcoming elections from here,  is going have cake walk.

The Jana Sena Party leaders in Pithapuram are claiming that Pawan will get a majority of not less than one lakh votes over his nearest rival – Vanga Geetha of YSR Congress party.

One can see the Jana Sena Party flags flying high everywhere and cut-outs of Pawan Kalyan adorning every corner in the constituency.

But independent observers, who are watching the constituency for quite some time, say it is not going to be so easy for Pawan to win the seat.

To say bluntly, it is rather difficult for him, in the present scenario; unless of course, he pays much attention on the constituency and moves all his forces there.

According to one of the observers, the YSR Congress party is silently doing a lot of social engineering in Pithapuram constituency.

“The ruling party has managed to do a lot of polarisation of votes from non-Kapu communities, including Kshtratriyas, backward classes – particularly fishermen community and SCs,” he said.

The Jagan Mohan Reddy government has quietly returned the lands seized from fishermen community for Jagananna House Sites programme and assured to take care of all their interests.

The government also gave massive loans to DWCRA group women in the rural pockets and they have become loyal to YSRCP.

Pithapuram is no doubt a bastion of Kapus – out of around 2 lakh voters, as many as 90,000 voters, accounting for 45% of the total electorate, are from Kapu community.

“But that doesn’t mean all Kapus would vote for Pawan Kalyan, as YSRCP candidate Vanga Geetha is also from the same community,” the observer said.

The ruling party is making efforts to woo dissidents from Jana Sena and the TDP, Makineedi Seshu Kumari, Jana Sena candidate in the 2019 elections who secured 15 per cent votes.

Jagan also succeeded in pacifying sitting MLA Pendem Dorababu, who was replaced by Geetha; by promising that he would be given a prominent post after YSRCP comes back to power.

Another important factor being raised by the YSRCP in Pithapuram is that Geetha is a local candidate and she is aware of the issues of every colony and basti of Pithapuram. 

On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan never stayed in Pithapuram. Except that he is a film actor and president of Jana Sena, there in no bonding between him and the local people. Maybe, young voters and urban voters might favour him.

“Unless Pawan Kalyan is able to strike an emotional chord with the locals, it is very difficult for him to win the seat. He should also focus on taking the local TDP leaders and cadre into confidence, as they are not able to gel with him. He has to hold frequent meetings with them and win over them, instead of taking the TDP support for granted,” the observer added.


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