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Flashback To Future: How Janasena Will Kill TDP?

Flashback To Future: How Janasena Will Kill TDP?

TDP never contested any election without an allaince. Let us peep into the flash back to recap the history. 

FLASH BACK: The TDP was established in the year 1983. Contrary to popular belief, it did have an alliance from the beginning. 

The first alliance of the TDP in the 1983 Assembly Elections was with Menaka Gandhi's 'Sanjay Vichar Manch'. Unfortunately, this alliance proved fatal as the Sanjay Vichar Manch party failed to secure any seats in the state, leading to its demise.

In 1985, NT Rama Rao dissolved the Assembly and formed an alliance with the BJP. During this period, the BJP struggled to establish a strong presence in Andhra Pradesh but ended up in vain.

Between 1985 and 1994, the TDP entered alliances with the CPI and CPM, eventually causing the decline of these parties in the state.

Later, in the 1998 general elections, TDP President Nara Chandrababu Naidu aligned with the BJP as part of the NDA. However, in 2004, the TDP left the NDA after losing power in the Assembly Election and Chandrababu labeled the alliance a 'historical blunder'.

In a surprising move, the TDP also formed an alliance with the TRS in the 2009 elections but lost to YSR. 

In 2014, the TDP joined forces with the BJP and came to power. However, just six months before the 2019 election, it withdrew from the alliance and partnered with its arch-rival Congress, anticipating an anti-Modi sentiment across the nation. Despite Modi's victory at the national level, Chandrababu Naidu lost in the state.

Present To Future: Interestingly, there are no national-level parties left for TDP to form an alliance for 2024 election, except for Janasena. 

In all these instances, the parties that allied with the TDP in the past faded away in the state, with only the TRS managing to establish itself by dividing the state and ruling its part.

The trend appeared to be a curse for those joining hands with the TDP. However, Janasena has now announced its alliance with the TDP. 

Some analysts speculate that, contrary to past experiences, Janasena might kill the TDP instead of being killed by the TDP. Others believe that both parties may suffer from this alliance.

The reasons they cite for this decision are as follows: 

Throughout the historical instances mentioned above, the TDP formed alliances with parties that had their own established strengths. 

However, in the current scenario, Chandrababu called Pawan Kalyan to the "jail mulakat" so hastily and has aligned with Janasena, a party that lacks a solid foundation. This is the biggest mistake committed by CBN. 

Because, even if this alliance yields positive results, Pawan Kalyan would claim all the credit, potentially dealing a fatal blow to the TDP.

Additionally, the Kapus also would position themselves as the saviors of the Kammas, further complicating matters for the TDP. This could prove detrimental to the party's life. It would be an end of TDP if the allaince wins. 

In the event that the alliance loses the election, Janasena has nothing to lose since it is already at a "zero". However, CBN will bear the regret of this alliance as TDP will be anyway killed by losing the election. 

Joining forces with a "zero-rated" party and strengthening its leader through this alliance is seen as a significant "historical mistake" by Chandrababu Naidu, according to analysts.

The outcome remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the TDP has a history of relying on alliances and has lacked confidence in its own strength since its inception.


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