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Chandrababu's New 'Addiction' Catching Attention

Chandrababu's New 'Addiction' Catching Attention

Chandrababu is known for his unique traits, such as a dignified walk, decent dress code, and maintaining stoic expresison for the majority of the time.

He is also recognized for his attentive mannerisms when on the dais or in the Assembly.

But recently, he has been seen engaged with his smartphone much of the time.

When other MLAs are speaking, Chandrababu is often seen engrossed in his mobile phone, scrolling for updates. This constant engagement with his mobile phone is unprecedented for him.

Similarly, even Rahul Gandhi has been seen completely addicted to his smartphone during election campaigning or during 'padayatra'.

Smartphone addiction is pervasive, and even political celebrities are not an exception.


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