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A pre-condition for their defections?

A pre-condition for their defections?

When YSRCP won the Assembly elections with a staggering majority, it was a foregone conclusion among the public and politicians that the TDP would now be at the receiving end.

After all, for five years, they had subjected YS Jagan and his men to immense torture and never gave him due respect as an Opposition leader then.

Whenever Jagan raised the issue of Polavaram corruption or Pattiseema, the TDP would respond by calling him a thief and resort to the ‘Rs 1.5 lakh crore’ propaganda. In fact, this was how the TDP answered any and all questions raised by the Opposition.

Now, of course, the ‘Men in Yellow’ have realised that Jagan would waste no time in giving it back in full measure.

Therefore, they are making a beeline to join the BJP and Sujana Chowdary; CM Ramesh etc have climbed the BJP bus (with Chandrababu’s blessings).

It doesn’t require the IQ of an Einstein to figure out that in return, they and their fellow Kammas will all be granted immunity from any cases foisted against them.

The signs are already there: The centre has asked Jagan not to cancel the PPAs and now it has given a statement saying that there was no corruption in Polavaram.

The AP BJP leaders had cried themselves hoarse citing massive corruption by TDP but overnight, all traces of corruption are gone according to the saffron Party.

Thanks to the Honourable Vice-President of India who is protecting his flock by encouraging defections, it is a win-win situation for both the TDP and BJP.

Corrupt TDP leaders escape the long arm of the law and BJP with a zero presence in Andhra Pradesh gets cash-rich politicians on its side without breaking a sweat.

Now, that’s what you called value-based politics. 


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