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'Premakatha Chitram' Review: A Comic Thriller

'Premakatha Chitram' Review: A Comic Thriller

Rating: 3.25/5
Maruthi Media House
Cast: Sudheer Babu, Nandita, Praveen, Saptagiri, Venky and others
Music: JB
Cinematographer: J Prabhakar Reddy
Editor: S B Uddhav
Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction supervision: Maruthi
Director: J Prabhakar Reddy
Producers: Maruthi, Sudarshan Reddy
Release date: 07/06/2013

Director Maruthi who has been on a success streak has now taken a new role and this time he has teamed up with Sudheer Babu for a different treat. Let us see how interesting this is.

Sudheer (Sudheer) wants to commit suicide as his girlfriend cheats him and he seeks the help of his friend Praveen (Praveen).  Praveen introduces him to Nandu (Nandita) who also wants to commit suicide. The trio is joined by another character Saptagiri (Saptagiri) who has his reasons for committing suicide. All four decide to go to a guesthouse in city outskirts to commit suicide. But what awaits them at the guesthouse brings many twists and turns to their suicide plans. What happens in that forms the rest of the story.

Sudheer Babu has played a subdued character and didn’t try to project any heroism. He merged himself into the character and gave importance to the story. He was good in dance in one song.

Nandita is a natural beauty. Her eyes do all the talking and her killer smile can make the youth go crazy. While her sex appeal is still an area to be examined, she has given a good performance overall.

Praveen has made full use of the opportunity given to him. He has got the right timing for dialogues and his expressions are equally effective. He was good.

Saptagiri is another actor to watch out for. With his poker face and a typical slang in his dialogue delivery, he has a strong potential to become a top league comedian in Tollywood.


  • Cinematography
  • Music and RR
  • Performances
  • Entertainment quotient


  • Climax
  • Dragged sequences

Director Maruthi had a good takeoff in Tollywood as a director with back to back hits but then he also got botched up with the tag of making films with mild vulgar dialogues which incite the teens and youth to a large extent. Before this mark can go any further, he seems to have decided to change the perception with a different attempt.

On the surface, the film comes across as a youthful romantic entertainer but Maruthi known for his shock value abilities has induced an element of horror which spikes the momentum.

Though he has put himself as directorial supervisor the flavor was seen in the film making. Also, he made it a point not to get offtrack and keep the subject intact.

The most important thing to note is, the subject and concept is very silly but it is the conviction and assertive nature with which it has been shaped up that the audience finds this to be an entertaining product. 

At the same time, the movie was well supported by some good technicians and quality background work. The film takes off on a promising note with some elements of entertainment, humour and some romance and the interval twist is promising.

The second half slacks a bit in pace but manages to pick up. Overall, this is a film which has once again proved that if a story can be conceived in the right cinematic format irrespective of logic and reason, it has every chance to become a success.

Bottomline: A different ‘love story’

(Venkat can be reached at venkat@greatandhra.com or https://twitter.com/greatandhranews)

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