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'Prema Oka Maikam' Review: It's Like Hell

'Prema Oka Maikam' Review: It's Like Hell

Rating: 0.5/5
Banner: Touring Talkies
Rahul, Saranya, Charmy, Rao Ramesh, Chandra Mohan etc
Dialogues: Pulagam Chinnarayana
Editing: Nagi Reddy
Music: SR Pasam, MGK Praveen
Camera: Praveen K Bangari
Producers: Venkat Suresh, Sreekanth Surya
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Chandu
Release Date: Aug 30, 2013

Charmy has been struggling to get back her lost glory and she pinend lots of hopes on the film 'Prema Oka Maikam'. Chandu, who made the film Tenth Class is the director. Rahul of 'Happu Days' fame played the male lead.

Mallika (Charmy), a prostitute hits and man on road due to drunken drive. The man loses his eye sight.  She comes to know that he is lyricist Lalit (Rahul) and asks him to be with her till he gets his sight back. Mallika comes to know what life is after talking with Lalit. Through his diary she comes to know that he was in love with Swathy (Saranya). What she does to unite the couple forms the story.

'Happy Days' fame Rahul acted in a few films later but none of them clicked at box office. It is indeed a wonder that it is very difficult to get second chance for his acting skills. He is very weak in expressions. He acted alike both while having the sight and when blind.

'Tenth Class' fame Saranya has no features of a heroine. It doesn't mean that she has talent. Only the makers should know why she was picked up as heroine for the film.

The film was promoted with Charmy on posters. Charmy might have also thought that it was a lady oriented film. But her role was limited only for 30 minutes.

Rao Ramesh, Chandra Mohan, Surekha Vani and others played trivial roles. There was only Tagubothu Ramesh as comedian in the film and one has to understand that the scenes made with him were supposed to be comedy.

Not even a single song is worth listening in this film for which the music was scored by two music directors. The back ground score also gave death blow for audience. The music is not even on par with that of 1990s Doordarshan serials.

Doubts rise if Editor was present for this film. Cinematographer is okay to some extent. Director failed totally.


  • Release of this film


  • Watching this film

Chandu thought to make a poetic love story with an intention to bring tears for audience. He was indeed successful in bringing tears for the torture. No clues are left why this film was made and how Charmy agreed to do this.

Prema Oka Maikam ends up like an unending torture ever seen in recent times.

This film stands as the best one in the list of worst films. Had Kasab watched this film, he would have directly gone to heaven as there could be no bigger torture in hell than watching this film on this planet. If we discuss more about the film, it proves to be more torturous than watching the film and hence putting a full stop here.   

If anyone feels that we are suppressing the small films, please go and test. You can leisurely say sorry for us.  

Bottom Line: Horrible love.

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