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'Jayammu Nischayammu Raa' Review: Slow But Decent!

'Jayammu Nischayammu Raa' Review: Slow But Decent!

Movie: Jayammu Nischayammu Raa
Rating: 2.75/5
Shiva Raj Films
Cast: Srinivas Reddy, Poorna, Ravi Varma, Krishna Baghavan, Jogi Brothers, Praveen, Posani, Jeeva and others
Music: Ravi Chandra
Cinematography: Nagesh Bennel
Editing: Venkat
Producers: Shiva Raj Kanumuri and Satish Kanumuri
Story and Direction: Shiva Raj Kanumuri
Release date: November 24, 2016

Comedian Srinivas Reddy turned hero with "Jayammu Nischayammu Raa". Although he played male lead in "Geetanjali", it was more dominated by the movie's heroine Anjali. So, "Jayammu Nischayammu Raa" is his first movie where he played typical hero.

The movie's trailer and the super hit song 'O Rangula Chilaka' have created huge interest around this film. So does the movie live up to this buzz? Let's find out.

Sarva Mangalam (Srinivas Reddy), an innocent guy from Karimnagar, gets his first posting in Kakinada as a government employee. He hopes to get transferred to his native place soon so that he can be near to his mother.

His boss JC (Ravi Varma) takes advantage of his situation. He asks to give Sarva Mangalam's room so that he can use it for his "night show" with girls. Sarva Magalam agrees to hand over his room in the hope that JC would sign on the transfer papers pretty soon.

Sarva Mangalam is good person, has capabilities but has low confidence. So no one including peon treat him seriously. He starts liking Rani, who works at the E-Seva center. Though friendship develops between them, he has no guts to propose to her.

Due to one incident, he realises that if one has to succeed in life, he should leave the belief in Baba's and revolt against the persons who disrespect him. His newfound confidence earns him what he wants but not the love. What would he do for that?

Artistes’ Performances:
As a comedian Srinivas Reddy has proved his acting capabilities in many films but this is serious role of a lead hero. As a low-confident good-natured guy he has pulled off the role convincingly. Even in the scenes when the hero turns into confident guy, he has come up with nice acting but his make-up is not consistent. In some scenes he looks young and in others a bit older. His Telangana slang is not convincing.

Poorna as Rani is adequate. Ravi Varma as lecherous boss has come up with right act. 

Among other cast members, Praveen as broker, Posani as hapless Brahmin and Jeeva as Baba are impressive. But the show stealer is Krishna Baghavan. His comedy act in the second half is quite hilarious. 

Technical Excellence: 
The film is completely set in Kakinada, the locales are captured well by cinematographer. Production values are neat. Although songs are catchy, the background score is loud and distracts the mood. Editing is not good.

Second half 
'Mangalavaram' Comedy track
Srinivas Reddy's performance
Some dialogues

Uneven first half
Lengthy runtime
Slow narration in the beginning
Limited appeal of the story

Let's be clear. Comedian Srinivas Reddy's debut movie as hero isn't a comedy film. "Jayammu Nishchaymmu Raa" is more about an innocent guy gaining self-confidence and winning his love against all odds. This is a serious movie with an offbeat narration.

Yes, couple of humorous scenes are there but this is not a comedy movie. New director Shiva Raj Kanumuri sets the story in 2013 when Andhra Pradesh was still united with Telangana. So he made his hero come from Karimnagar in Telangana going to Andhra region.

There isn't anything about cultural differences or politics, it is more about naive guy trying everything to win his love by overcoming his low self esteem, leaving superstitions, etc. He tries to tell it in a humorous way but it is not a conventional comedy.

The director took his own sweet time establishing the story. The runtime of the movie is nearly 2.40 minutes. The director has wasted lot of time on aspects of how innocent Srinivas Reddy is, his first job experiences, he watching Poorna go past him daily. The real drama comes just before the interval. 

There is a scene in the second half where Krishna Baghavan falls for his colleague who also responds to his advances. When both of them move to bedroom and start romancing, he realizes that can't proceed further due to his "weak battery". When the woman asks what happened, he replies: "Ee Roju Mangalavaram, Ee Roju Vaddu (Today is Tuesday, let's do it some other day). And every time some one utters the word Mangalavaram, he gets irritated and the director has used this into a full-length hilarious comedy track in the second half. This is one real funny scene in the film. 

Similarly, there is another good scene. In the beginning, two mechanics sell a mal-functioning bike for Rs 40k to Srinivas Reddy. When he loses innocence and turns into a confident guy, he dupes them in similar fashion and gets profit of Rs 80k by selling off the same bike with a trick.

The way hero exposes Ravi Varma's sexual harassment of girls and Posani using latest technology with his fellow Brahmins to take revenge on Tatkal Praveen is established nicely.

Initially, the screenplay seems uneven with lows and downs, the second half is convincing and it has some many interesting moments. Still it needs trimming in both halves of the movie. Also the transformation of hero from innocent guy to confident chap should have been established a bit convincingly.

Srinivas Reddy's convincing performance, the Mangalavaram comedy track, Tatkal Praveen's episodes and final marriage sequence are appealing. What doesn't work in the film is slow narration, bad background score, and length of the movie.

All in all, "Jayammu Nischayammu Raa" is a mixed bag. This would appeal more to audiences who like "Chhoti Si Baat" like Bollywood comedies.

Bottom-line: Desi Romance!

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