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'Happy Happy Ga' Review: Sad-Sad!!

'Happy Happy Ga' Review: Sad-Sad!!

Film: Happy Happy Ga
Rating: 2/5
Varun Sandesh, Vega, Saranya Mohan, MS Narayana, Rajitha, Ali etc
PRO: Venu Gopal
Music: Mani Sharma
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry
Producer: Durga Prasad Vadlamudi
Director: Priya Sharan
Released on: 20th Aug 2010

After the debacle ‘Maro Charitra’, young hero Varun Sandesh has come up with ‘Happy Happy Ga’. Let us see how the film stood on the big screen.

Santhosh (Varun Sandesh) is an orphan who lives along with his 4 friends and he pins his livelihood with a business of wishing the people with a bouquet on behalf of his customers. He names his team as ‘Cartoon Guys’ where his friends dress up like cartoon characters while wishing people. Santhosh wishes to love a girl and settle his life with her. But no girl loves him. Accidentally he encounters a girl Pooja (Vega) and falls in her love. He wishes to propose her but knowing that Pooja has no positive opinion on love factor, he keeps silent. He decides to nurture his love slowly and get close to her. But unexpectedly another girl Priya (Saranya Mohan) gets force from Pooja to love Santhosh. Why so? That forms the first twist in the story. Eventually after several twists and turns, the movie comes to climax. With whom Santhosh ties up at last- Pooja or Priya, or none? That has to be watched on screen.

Varun Sandesh needs to improve a lot. He is not coming out from his monotony. Unless he shows some versatility in performance, clarity in dialogue delivery he cannot survive longer in Tollywood that’s getting inundated with competition every year. He needs to take care in zeroing in the scripts as well.

Vega’s screen presence is very bad. Neither make-up nor costume helped her. She is just average with respect to performance as well.

Saranya is pleasing on screen. But her role lives short on screen.

Ali’s comedy brings a few good laughs in the theatre. Ravi Shankar, the famous dubbing artiste who won award for giving vice to Sonu Sood in Arundhati played full length negative shaded role. He is up to the mark but direction and camera work could have elevated him further. Technically the film appears to be poor. Dull music, tasteless RR and mundane editing couldn’t pull the audiences towards screen.

Director proved to be amateur in running the story, scene composition and maintaining emotional graph.

Varun Sandesh, in this movie keeps on saying a line about his business, ‘feelings meevi-expressions maavi’. While watching the movie the audiences also feel ‘kashtaalu meevi-baadhalu maavi’. Yes, no film can be made without hard work. But making it in the way that it reaps some happiness for audiences and makers plays vital role on a whole. ‘Happy Happy Ga’ is the one that is made with many ‘hardships’ but the pain hits the audience while watching it.

Here, the care isn’t taken in making the film an entertaining and heart touching treat. There is no complaint about the story line. It’s worth to be made as film. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that successful films can be made even without any story. It’s the screenplay, treatment, styling, humor, dialogue and music decide the fate of any film. The film couldn’t score good marks in any of the above mentioned 6 factors.

First half runs dull, interval bang keeps the attention intact to some extent, second half runs with several twists and the climax ends up in an unexpected note. No excitement fills the hearts of audience while stepping out from theatres. So, the future of this movie is easily predictable.

Bottom Line: Not up to the title

Written By SiraSri ([email protected])